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A Mind-bending Movie

July 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · Movies

sourceLooking for an action-packed movie that also makes you think?  Source Code is for you!  Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Colter Stevens, a man who wakes up in another man’s body on a Chicago-bound commuter train.  The woman seated across from him, Christina (played by Michelle Monaghan), believes that she is having a conversation with her friend Sean.  Needless to say, everyone is confused about why Sean is actually Colter, or the other way around.  After a few minutes, Colter wakes up in his own body, which is at a military base.  He is a part of a special new program which taps into the last eight minutes of memory of someone who has died.  Sean had died when a bomb detonated on the commuter train, killing everyone on board.  This military program aims to find out who is behind the attack so that they can prevent an even larger imminent threat to Chicago by the same bomber.  Colter must relive the same eight minutes again and again and try different ways to determine the identity of the killer.   However, along the way, he starts falling in love with Christina.  Don’t let the label of ‘Science Fiction’ scare you off, this is a suspenseful thriller that leaves the viewer wondering…what if…?