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iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion

June 9th, 2011 · No Comments · Events, News, Programs, Software, Websites

Well, I just finished checking out the Apple site to learn about their WWDC announcements (see June 5 post) and I have to say I’m impressed. I have become a bi-computer person, using both my PC and my newer Mac. I hear so often that Macs are easier, more intuitive, etc.; however, I still believe that whichever system you originally learn (or put the time into learning) becomes intuitive. And, take note–I’m nowhere near ready to abandon my PC! Having said that, the seamless integration of my MacBook Air, iPod, iPad and to-be-purchased in October iPhone (yes, my passion is electronics) is a force I am willing to reckon with. I have also been wary of the cloud–I still like syncing my phone, contacts, etc. via cable for security purposes; but, let’s be real–my personal stuff is not really (or can be made to be not really) sensitive material. What am I saying? I think the ease of use for personal use might just outweigh the paranoia I have had for years about syncing wirelessly (keep in mind that business and sensitive information should have the highest level of security–and, Apple might just be providing that highest level of security for their iCloud information). I am looking forward to the release dates for OS X Lion and iOS 5! I will now begin reading reviews and commentary on these new products–marketing is marketing after all–and I will of course keep you posted!

~mary anne
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