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David Pogue on iPhone OS 3.0

March 19th, 2009 · No Comments · Hardware, News, Reviews, Software

I’m still in love with my Palm Treo–but only for the calendar, contacts, and task list. They are searchable and I sync these applications with three computers. Seamlessly. I love my iPod Touch for the web searching, email, music, games, and most importantly the App Store (I just love my Kindle app!). I’ve been not so patiently waiting for the device that can do it all. The Palm Pre is due out soon (will I live so long?) and I’ve borrowed a friend’s BlackBerry to see what all that hype is about. I received an iPhone for Christmas 2007 but gave it back shortly thereafter because the calendar, contacts, and task lists were so awful for me (and there was no App Store at the time). Check out David Pogue’s Quick Take on iPhone OS 3.0 in today’s New York Times. It looks like the iPhone OS 3.0 may have all of the features I’ve been waiting for. Many manufacturers are in the process of jumping on the smartphone bandwagon so make sure you look at all the possibilities before you leap!