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I Finally Made the Commitment!

July 6th, 2010 · No Comments · Hardware, News, Software

Since it was so hot out yesterday (7/5/10), I decided finally to figure out how to sync my beloved Palm Desktop software from my faithful Palm Treo with my new Palm Pre Plus (purchased in March).  I narrowed the choices of third party software to two:  Companionlink and Echo.  Companionlink syncs via a USB cable but I came to the conclusion that there were too many steps involved in the process.  I decided on Echo (from Chapura).  I downloaded their software to the PC I use for my Palm syncing and downloaded their app to my phone.  I entered the required information in the prompts (nothing difficult) and clicked on “Sync”.  Because I used my Palm Treo for 11 years, there was lots of information to sync.  This part of the process took 6.5 hours and the phone and PC had to be watched to be sure they did not go to sleep and abort the sync.  My husband and I took turns “sitting on the egg”!

Like magic, all my calendar entries and all my contacts were now on my phone!  My memos and to do list appeared to sync but I could not find them on the phone until I downloaded a To Do app from Echo.  Everything (so far) appears to be working properly!  The only “catch” (one that I can live with) is that the syncing is done over a wireless network.  Both devices must be logged on to the same network and, for security reasons, I would not use a public network.

Another technology challenge surmounted!

~mary anne