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iPhone Is Not Yet for Me

December 26th, 2007 · No Comments · Hardware, Reviews

I have never returned a gift my husband gave me. So, it was with a great amount of anxiety and angst that I confessed to him that my new iPhone was not working for me. While it is terrific for surfing the web, checking the stock market and weather and making calls, the lack of a “to do” or task list and issues syncing among multiple computers with Microsoft Outlook were a deal breaker for me. I have returned happily to my Treo 650 which really makes my life worth living. Syncing it on my work and home computers works like a charm and I never realized just how important to me the search feature is on the Treo. If I can’t remember when a meeting is, I just have to search for the person’s name and everything about them quickly pops up (the calendar entry for the meeting, their contact information, and anything else I have entered into my Treo about them). On the iPhone, I had to know when the meeting was in order to find it. So, although the iPhone did not work for me, my husband is happily using it and he feels it works just fine for him. To assuage his guilt over unexpectedly acquiring the iPhone, he surprised me with a bluetooth headseat for my Treo. I can’t begin to tell you how much I like it!
Now, if the Palm Treo people would just come out with a nicer screen for web surfing, my life would be just perfect!