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Cellphone Charge Shock

July 1st, 2010 · No Comments · News

Last week there was an article by David Segal in The New York Times talking about excessive cell phone charges. The charges were due to lack of attention, e.g., a child linking a laptop to a parent’s cell phone and browsing the web for days on end or not realizing that a cell phone had been stolen.  This has become so much of a problem that “the European Union recently passed rules to prevent it.”  The EU will soon ask “users of mobile broadband phones to select a monthly maximum for their bills, and will receive a notice from their carrier when they have reached 80 percent of that amount.”  The FCC is studying whether such rules would be appropriate in the United States and it appears this type of rule will cross the pond.

This would not be unlike credit card companies advising us when our spending pattern changes or notifying us when large amounts are charged to our credit cards.  Not a bad idea when one considers that there is no $50 limit on cell  phone bills for unauthorized use!

~mary anne