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Dishwasher Not Cleaning As Well As Before?

November 19th, 2010 · No Comments · News

Dishwasher Not Cleaning As Well As Before?

I have always loved my dishwashers. In fact, I would love them so much I would wear them out. Now, however, I’ve been through two dishwashers in a short period of time and my new fancy dishwasher just doesn’t seem to clean as well as some of the previous less expensive models I’ve had.

I saw a piece on Channel 4 news at 11 pm yesterday and the secret was revealed. A number of states must now comply with laws that mandate the reduction of phosphates in their products. In response, the phosphates have been reduced in all dishwasher products, much to the chagrin of consumers who are now trying to figure out why their dishes are not as clean as before and why glasses now have a cloudy film on them.

I found this article in The New York Times that explains the issue. We’ve been through something like this before–remember when the phosphates were reduced in laundry detergent? And, now, my laundry once again is beautifully clean. Hopefully, the days of clean dishes will return as manufacturers figure out how to reduce phosphates without reducing cleanliness!

~mary anne
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