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Facebook Overrun with Farmville Posts!

January 16th, 2010 · No Comments · News, Websites

I enjoy my Facebook account.  I like to see what my friends are doing and it is certainly easier than email, telephone, or snail mail.  Lately, the News Feed is overrun with Farmville updates from my friends.  If you (like I) want to remove the Farmville updates from your news feed, here’s what to do:  Click on the Farmville (or any other) logo in your news feed.   A popup asks if you want to join the application. When you first start reading the popup the game name is displayed (underlined–if  the application name is not underlined, hold your cursor over the name and it will show an underline). Click on that application name you will be taken to the application. Click the block button (on the left side of the page). When you go back to the news feed page all of the game notifications will be gone!  Yeah!

~mary anne