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Flying on the Busiest Travel Day of the Year?

November 24th, 2010 · No Comments · News, Software

Flying today (Wednesday, November 24)?  If so, I’m sure you already know that it’s the busiest travel day of the year.  I heard on Today in New York that there’s an iPhone app for this–My TSA.  I just downloaded it and it has lots of helpful information.  At 6 am, LaGuardia Airport is showing a 1-10 minute delay at the South Checkpoint, 0 minutes at Marine Air Terminal, 1-10 at Concourse A, 31+ at Concourse D, 31+ at Concourse A, 31+ at Delta Entrance East, 31+ at Concourse B, and 31+ at US Air.

The section I like most is “Can I Bring?”  Enter the item you would like to bring and you will be told whether it can be carried on, must be checked, or is prohibited.  Check out the “Guide” section for information on acceptable IDs, Liquids, Packing, Medical Needs, and more.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~mary anne
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