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Happy New Year! Do You Have Resolutions?

January 4th, 2010 · No Comments · News, Websites

Happy New Year!  I love new beginnings and the new year is always the perfect time to try to better some aspects of my life.  Losing a few pounds is on my list this year (as it is every year!) and I have discovered an app that has really been helping me during the past week.  Lose It! is an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch that logs everything you eat and all the exercise you do (yes, I’m giving that a shot too!).  The object of the game is that you decide how many pounds you need to lose and how many pounds per week you hope to lose.  The app tells you how long it will take and how many calories you are allowed to consume each day.  Adding exercise to your daily routine allows you to either lose weight faster or eat a bit more and lose weight on your Lose It schedule.  It’s really easy to use and you have no excuse if you do not own an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Their website is www.loseit.com and it has all the portable features and more.  Best wishes for a wonderful 2010 and wish me luck with my new app!

~mary anne