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iPod Touch Upgrade

July 5th, 2010 · No Comments · News, Software

Yesterday, I spent 3.5 glorious hours upgrading my iPod Touch to 4.0.  The upgrade was uneventful (although long) until I was told I could disconnect the iPod from the computer.  I did so and checked on my music and audiobooks. . . .  I found that there was nothing on the iPod. . . .  0 Songs, 0 Books.  All apps though were there.  I reconnected the iPod to the computer and sure enough, the computer showed that I had 15 GB of music and books on the device (slightly comforting).  As I fretted about what to do, I tried yet one more Sync (the 3.5 hours spent upgrading contained more backups and syncs than I could count).  Lo and behold, my music and books reappeared!  This last sync was not part of the instructions and I found nothing online from people with the same problem as me.

The first good thing I see after my now successful upgrade:  I get wireless reception in rooms where I previously was unable to pick up wireless reception!

The moral of the story:  Make sure you backup before upgrading!

~mary anne