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The End of Forgetting

July 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · News, Websites

Here is a terrific article by Jeffrey Rosen in The New York Times entitled “The Web Means the End of Forgetting.”  We live in a time when many people post anything and everything about themselves, not truly understanding that anything posted online can live forever.  Even if you delete items posted from wilder days, there is never any guarantee that someone hasn’t already copied the information and might use it against you at some far in the future date.  We also have to think seriously about what information potential employers might find online about us.  It would be sad to lose out on a wonderful position because of a picture or statement we posted that has the power to change an employer’s view of us from wonderful to poison.  According to Microsoft, “75 percent of U.S. recruiters and human-resource professionals report that their companies require them to do online research about candidates [. . . .]  Seventy percent of U.S. recruiters report that they have rejected candidates because of information found online. . . .”  Where can this lead?  Will insurers check out our online activities and deny insurance to us?  There is a serious message here. . .  Think before you post!

~mary anne