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Home and Garden iPhone Apps

May 9th, 2010 · No Comments · Software, Websites

Ten years ago, we put a second floor on our ranch-style house.  We started out with a $10 software home design package and it served us so well!  My husband drew out the rooms and we placed the printout on our refrigerator and “lived” with it for a year.  It allowed us to realize what worked in our design and what didn’t.  We moved rooms and closets around and when we were finally satisfied, we brought our “plan” to an architect who magically transformed it into real architectural plans.  There are many things you can do today with your smartphone and The New York Times has a great article:  20 Smartphone Apps for the Home and Garden.  The majority of the apps are for the iPhone/iPod Touch but there are some for the Droid and the Blackberry.  My world would be complete if only Verizon would begin offering the iPhone!

~mary anne