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Books About the Earth

A Dandelion’s Life by John Himmelman

CL-NF 583.99 Himmelman Request a copy

Examines the life cycle of a Nature Up-close: A Dandelion’s Life.


Our Earth by Anne Rockwell

CL-NF 550 Rockwell Request a copy

From frozen polar ice caps to steamy tropical rain forests, the earth is home to all kinds of plants and animals. Earth has steep mountains, green valleys, rushing rivers, and deep canyons. It has dark caves, sandy deserts, and brilliant coral reefs.


A Tree is Nice by Janice Udry

CL-P Udr Request a copy


Who is in the Garden? by Vera Rosenberry

CL-P Ros Request a copy

A tour through a garden brings encounters with its inhabitants, including wrens, a praying mantis, a box turtle, and more.


Books About People, Animals and Things

Backhoes by Ray McClellan

Cl-NF 629.225 McClellan Request a copy

Children can discover backhoes in this easy-to-read book.


Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

CL-P Wil Request a copy

One by one, a whole host of different animals and birds find their way out of the cold and into Bear’s cave to warm up. But even after the tea has been brewed and the corn has been popped, Bear just snores on! See what happens when he finally wakes up and finds his cave full of uninvited guests — all of them having a party without him!


Dinosaur Train! By John Steven Gurney

CL-P Gur Request a copy
All Aboard! Have your tickets ready for the most exciting ride of your life on the Dinosaur Train!


Hippos Go Berserk by Sandra Boynton

CL-P Boy Request a copy

When Sandra Boynton does a counting book, it adds up to fun.


Johnny Appleseed by Patricia Demuth

CL-Early Dem Request a copy

Johnny Appleseed set out with a bag of seeds and a pot on his head. He did not wear shoes. So where was he going? Find out in this book you can read by yourself.


Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes by Jane Fearnley

CL-P Fea Request a copy

Mr. Wolf wants to make some pancakes for breakfast, but isn’t quite sure how to go about it. So off he goes to ask his neighbors Chicken Little, Wee Willy Winkle, the Gingerbread man, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Three Little Pigs for their help. When he is turned down by each of them, he decides to try it on his own. Soon he succeeds in making a huge pile of delicious pancakes. Having smelled the pancakes cooking, his neighbors decide to call on Mr. Wolf and share his meal. But Mr. Wolf gets his just “desserts”!


My Five Senses by Aliki

CL-NF 612.8 Aliki Request a copy

Children love to explore. Each day brings new sights and sounds, new things to smell and taste and touch. Aliki’s simple text and cheerful art in this enlarged edition introduce very young children to the wonder of the five senses and all they reveal about the world around us.


Scaredy Mouse by Alan MacDonald

CL-P Mac Request a copy

Nibbles and Squeak are going to the kitchen for some cake. But Squeak is a scaredy mouse! What if he gets lost or meets the big ginger cat? With a piece of string tied around his waist so he will be able to find his way home, Squeak sets out into the dark, shadowy hall. Not only does he ultimately run into the cat, but he tangles him in string and learns that his fears can be overcome.


What Grandmas Do Best; What Grandpas Do Best by Laura Numeroff

CL-P Num Request a copy

Grandmas can do lots of things, like paint with you, take you on a picnic, and teach you how to dance. But what do they do best? The answer is made perfectly clear in this irresistible celebration of grandparents and the everyday things they do. Grandpas can do lots of things, like play hide-and-seek, help you build a sand castle, and sing you a lullaby. But what do they do best? The answer is made perfectly clear in this irresistible celebration of grandparents and the everyday things they do.


What Moms Can’t Do by Douglas Wood

CL-P Woo Request a copy

A child ponders the many problems that mothers must deal with in the course of a normal day.


Other Good Reads

Green Wilma by Ted Arnold

CL-P Arn Request a copy

Wilma’s parents don’t know what to do with their fly-eating child, as she wreaks havoc at school when a particularly tasty-looking morsel buzzes just out of reach.


My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

CL-Special Dr. Seuss Request a copy

This unique Dr. Seuss book explores how each color reminds a boy of an emotion.


Only One by Marc Harshman

CL-Num Har Request a copy

In this unique counting book, centered on a county fair, Harshman shows how single things together make something totally different, and with Garrison’s art work, something totally wonderful as well. A delightful fantasy of number relationships for young children.


Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming

CL-Seasons Winter– Fle Request a copy

A chill is in the air and Bear knows it is time for her winter nap, but first she must tell Snail. And Snail must tell Skunk. And Skunk must tell Turtle. Each animal who tries to put off going to sleep just a little longer sees, smells, hears, or tastes the signs of the impending season. Finally, Ladybug rushes off to tell Bear–already asleep in her cave–the exciting news. Time to Sleep is a perfect bedtime story, one that is sure to warm the heart in any season anywhere.


Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

CL-P Fox Request a copy

Every day all over the world, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same. They may not speak the same language. Their lives may be quite different. But inside, they are all alike. Stirring words and bold paintings weave their way around our earth, across cultures and generations. At a time when, unfortunately, the lessons of tolerance still need to be learned, Whoever You Are urges us to accept our differences, to recognize our similarities, and-most importantly-to rejoice in both.