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Animal Study

LionAnimal Bytes

One-page fact sheets on many creatures found in the animal kingdom, such as scientific classification, basic physical traits, and fun facts.



Animal Traits

Learn how animals are both different and the same through cartoons, match-up games and more!



Creature FeaturesGiraffe

National Geographic for Kids brings you animal facts, photos, and video and sound clips. Animals are separated by category for easy searching. (Parents’ Choice Recommended Winner 2008)


Kids Study: Animals

Choose from the list of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish. Learn about the traits of each or research your favorite animal under the list of names.



World Wildlife Fund – WildFinder

Find interesting facts on animals through WildFinder. There are over 26,000 animals to pick from!


This fantastic website from the American Museum of Natural History has all sorts of information, activities and games surrounding animals.