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Archaeology Basics

This site gives a basic overview of archeology. However, the best part is the feed to recent articles and information on archaeological discoveries.

Archaeology: Clues from the Past

An extensive site from the American Museum of Natural History.

Archaeology for Kids

From the National Park Service comes an extensive site on archeology. Make sure to check out the NPS Webrangers in the Try-Its tab.

Desert Finds

Pretend you are an archeologist searching for a legendary lost city.

 Introduction to Archaeology: Glossary

Search the extensive glossary from The Archaeological Institute of America.

 Search for the Lost Cave People

Check out the companion Web site for the NOVA program “Search for the Lost Cave People.” The program follows an international group of archeologists, who ventured into the Chiapas region of Mexico in 1997 to search for the remains of a little known civilization that preceded the Maya. Make sure to play “Be an Archeologist.”

 Virtual Library of Archaeology.

Browse through ArchNet to discover links to thousands of web presentations devoted to archaeology, ancient sites, and artifact studies.