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Bats & Owls

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The Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot
This award-winning page has an absolutely amazing number of links to fun and interesting bat information. WOW! 

Desert USA: Batsin the Desert Southwest
Lots of general information here about bats of the southwestern desert. 

Organization for Bat Conservation
See “bat houses” for links to information on bats that live in houses (little brown bat, big brown bat, and the Brazilian free-tailed bat), “bat information” for general facts, and “echolocation” to learn how bats hunt for food in the dark. 


The Burrowing Owl: An Alberta Perspective
This Canadian site has links and information about the burrowing owl. 

OwlCam Home Page
Watch a pair of owls as they build their nest and raise their young. 

The Raptor Center (University of Minnesota)
Scroll down the page to facts about several different kinds of owls.