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ChalkBored: Chemistry 11

Browse the resources for high school chemistry, such as worksheets, labs, handouts, and PowerPoint lessons.

Chemical Elements by Name

Search the index of elements listed alphabetically, by density, atomic number, melting and boiling points or electron configuration. The site also contains quick guides to noble and precious metals and radioactive elements (from

Chemical Terms Glossary

Find terms in this glossary linked to short definitions.

Chemistry Chemistry Resources Worldwide

This site includes a directory of more than 250 chemistry-related websites.

Chemistry Web Resources

Explore this comprehensive list of web resources on chemistry-related topics.


This site is a virtual chemistry textbook to provide an interactive guide for high school chemistry students.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Science: Chemistry

This is a general physics encyclopedia. Topics include chemical reactions, experimental chemistry, geology, and inorganic chemistry. Under each topic are concepts and terms each linked to information.

Interactive Periodic Table

“The Interactive Periodic Table allows you to select an element to find out its atomic number, atomic mass, boiling and melting points, date of discovery, and crystal structure. It also explains each element as well as the different element groups.”