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Classical Greece and Rome


Ancient Greece

Explore the history of the Ancient Greek World, such as art, architecture, mythology, wars, culture, kings and rulers.

The Ancient Greek World

Browse the virtual gallery at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

History for Kids: Classical Greece

Learn about the history, culture, architecture and achievements of Classical Greece.

The History Guide: Classical Greece

A history of Classical Greece from the History Guide lecture series.

KidsKonnect: Ancient Greece

A comprehensive list of sites on Ancient Greece.

Primary History: The Greeks

Choose from a variety of topics, such as Growing Up in Greece or Gods and Heroes. In the interactive game, Greek Hero, you go on adventures to become a Greek hero.


A History of Ancient Rome

This site, created by Chris Trueman, breaks the history of Ancient Rome into topics, such as the Fall of Ancient Rome and Roman Roads.

History for Kids: Ancient Rome

Discover the history, culture, architecture and achievements of Ancient Rome.

KidsKonnect: Ancient Rome

A comprehensive list of sites on Ancient Rome.

Know the Romans

The Know the Romans website is designed to be easily navigated, with content that is well displayed. It has various ways of learning such as; videos, quizzes games, images and written content.

Primary History: The Romans

This site features a variety of topics, such as technology or Roman remains. In the interactive game, Dig It Up: Romans, you become an archeologist on a search for Roman artifacts.

The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

Interactive maps, videos, information, a picture index and a children’s section all on the Roman Empire.