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Colonial America

Colonial Kids

In this ThinkQuest, the Colonial Kids have lots of interesting details to share with you about how they live. The short self-made videos can be found in the activities section.

Colonial Williamsburg: Experience the Life

From the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a place to learn about clothing, manners, politics, and other aspects of early American colonial life.

KidInfo: Colonial America

This comprehensive directory to Colonial America contains links to information on all aspects of colonial life. Some of the most interesting are the links to information on colonial clothing, colonial justice and colonial currency.

New England Colonies

Middle Colonies

Southern Colonies

An Outline of American History: The Colonial Period

Browse through the information on the colonies and about the era.

Plimoth Plantation for Kids

This section of the Plimoth website is especially designed for kids. You’ll find fun activities like downloadable coloring pages, neat recipes for you to try, and stories about 17th-century life. Learn what it was like to be a Pilgrim or Native child in the 1600s.

Social Studies for Kids: The 13 American Colonies

This site takes you from the voyage to America to the Revolution in three parts. Make sure to click on “Clickable map of the 13 colonies with descriptions” in the right hand sidebar.

The 13 British Colonies: Printable Maps

Print out maps of the colonies, either with or without labels.