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The Thirteen Colonies

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Age of Exploration and Colonial Settelment (pre-1763)
Links to information on the colonies and individuals important to the era.
Archiving Early America
Take a trip backwards in time to Colonial America and read documents from that time.
Colonial Williamsburg: Experience the Life
From the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a place to learn about clothing, manners, politics, and other aspects of early American colonial life.
Historical Text Archive: Colonial USA
Original writings from the Colonial period.
The History Place: American Revolution
Click on “Beginnings to 1700″ and “1700-1763″ to see a timeline of events in the colonies.
Kid Info: Colonial Life, New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies
Everything you ever wanted to know about the American colonies.
Liberty! The American Revolution
An online companion to LIBERTY! The American Revolution, a series of six one-hour documentaries originally broadcast on PBS.
An Outline of American History: The Colonial Period
Wonderful information on the colonies and about the era.
Plimoth Plantation
A living museum at Plimoth Plantation.