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Cultural Studies


Countries of the World

Each country profile provides information on geography, maps, history, current ruler, area, population, languages, religion, economy and the government.


Geographia includes articles on the geography and culture of destinations in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.

Voice of the Shuttle: Cultural Studies Resources

“A list of resources on cultural criticism/theory as well as selective resources in sociology, media studies, postcolonial studies, economics, literature, and other fields that now signify ‘culture’ for the contemporary humanities.”

World FactBook

Browse through the countries of the world, including maps, pictures of flags, statistics, and info on each country’s history, land, people government and money system.


The Africa Guide

This site includes an overview of African culture, from the different tribes to cultural events. Individual countries are linked, and there is a photo library.

African Voices

From the National Museum of National History, the African Voices exhibit “examines Africa’s peoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community, and the natural environment.” The Learning Center includes links to a variety of web resources.


Asia for Educators

“An initiative of the East Asian Curriculum Project and the Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University, Asia for Educators is designed to serve faculty and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature.”

Asia Society

“Asia Society is the leading global organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the United States.”


European Cultural Foundation

A list of web networks and resources on European culture.

Middle East

History in the News: The Middle East

This is a guide to web resources available on Middle East culture and history.

Middle East Research and Information Project

“MEPIP is a non-profit NGO based in Washington D.C. centered around media outreach, public education, and providing non-mainstream information and analysis on events in the Middle East. The site includes Middle East Report Online, a web-exclusive collection of analysis and commentary about current events affecting the region.”


The Face of Russia

The interactive timeline is a companion to the PBS series, The Face of Russia, and traces the history of Russian culture. In the reference section, there are weblinks for additional information.


REESWeb is the Virtual Library covering Russia and Eastern Europe.