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Dinosaurs & Egg Hatching



Please see the information on dinosaurs in the Great Dinosaur Atlas (REF J567.9), Dinosaurs to Dodos (REF J560), and the Magic School Bus CD-ROM Dinosaurs found in the Children’s Reference section of the Wilton Library, and try searching our catalog for the subject words dinosaurs, fossils, egg hatching, or prehistoric reptiles and juvenile (enter words with spaces between them).

Don’t forget to ask the librarian if there are books set aside on school reserve for this topic!

American Museum of Natural History: Fighting Dinosaurs

An exhibit based on discoveries in Mongolia. 
Billy Bear’s Land O’ Dinosaurs
Games, puzzles, projects, screen savers, and more. 
Curse of the T. Rex
From the Nova special on PBS Online, navigate the world of the T. Rex, find transcripts of the TV series, and learn what to look for if you want to dig up a dinosaur yourself. There is also a teacher’s guide included. 
From National Geographic. Explore interesting things about dinosaurs including: why they needed feathers; dinosaur eggs; fossil finds; and how dinosaurs moved. 
Dinosaur Picture Gallery
Wonderful pictures from Dinosauria Online.   
Discovering Dinosaurs
This interactive site explores how our knowledge and ideas about dinosaurs have changed over the years. From Britannica Online. 
Discovery Channel Dinosaur Zone
Learn more about the kinder, gentler T. Rex; explore the life of an allosaur; find where there a fossils in your area; and more. 
The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt
From the National Geographic May 1996 article, go on your own virtual egg hunt.
Visit the site of the historic first dinosaur fossil find in 1858. 
Honolulu Community College’s Dinosaurs
Take an online tour of the offerings of this Hawaiin exhibit. View pictures, read text and listen to history teacher Rick Zeigler’s talk about the exhibits. 
SUE at The Field Museum of Chicago
Find out about Sue, the T. Rex, explore the dinosaur of the month, and see especially the “Just for Kids” section. 
Wyoming Dinosaur Center
The Dino-cave is just for kids and has trivia and news about dinosaurs. 
Zoom Dinosaurs
This site is designed for young students and covers topics of dinosaur classification, dinosaur extinction and includes fun activities.






Egg Hatching

Can you become an “Eggs-pert” egg hatcher?
Just for fun — a game with eggs and chicks.