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Electricity & Magnets

Electricity and Magnetic Field Millionaire Game

A fun quiz in the form of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”


This site features the history of electromagnets and describes how they work.


Learn how lightening is formed and how to be safe. Find interesting facts on tornadoes, hurricanes and other storms as well.

National Geographic: Lightening 101

Watch this short video to learn about the forces that cause lightening.

The Power Kids

Find plenty of games to help you learn electrifying vocabulary words as well as how to stay safe around electricity. Click on the fun stuff icon to play games or take quizzes.

TechTopics: Electricity

The Tech Museum of Innovation connects you with electricity. The interactive web lesson teaches students about the flow of current electricity, its conversion to heat and light, the various types of circuits, and more.

Theater of Electricity

From the Museum of Science in Boston, this site has wonderful sections on the history, construction, and operation of the museum’s Van de Graaff generator, a page on Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment, and information about lightning, including a lightning safety quiz