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Insects and Spiders

ButterflyEntomology Image Gallery

Browse the picture gallery of insects, from lice to moths to crickets, from Iowa State University.

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)

This site includes resources, basic information, games, craft projects, jokes and more, all related to insects and their relatives.

Insects Hotlist

The HotList includes links to websites dedicated to insects.

Insect Recipes

Kathy Gee and Julie Stephens visited Jay Leno to show him how tasty and nutritious insects can be. Find their recipes and nutritional information at their Web site.

Monster Bugs

Jump on the Magic School Bus and create monster bugs or help spiders find their legs.


The Wonderful World of Insects

interesting information as which insect is the fastest flyer, which can tolerate cold the best, and where killer bees come from. Check out the Bug Club for children, too.




Enchanted Learning: Spiders

Rhymes, crafts, print-outs and quizzes on this 8-legged creature.



Learn about what a spider eats, their body, their life cycle and more.


Spiders for Kids

Learn about spiders through this project by Second Grade students at Pocantico Hills School.