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Color and Light

She needs six rare crystals to power her rocket engine for her journey home. To get the crystals you must help Xean find out about colour and light by playing the six games.

Interact: Light

Click on one of five activities to get a brief overview, then a short interactive quiz.

Optics for Kids

Find out “What is light?” and learn about convex and concave lenses on the Optical Research Associates Kids children’s page.

Ordering the Colors of the Rainbow

An interactive game to put the colors of the rainbow in order.

Refraction and Diffraction

Watch this short video about refraction from BrainPop.

Sammy’s Guide to Light

An interactive review of sources of light, properties of light, reflection and more.

The Science of Light

Read about light and its properties or try many of the activities on light and color. Make sure to check out “Fun House Mirrors”, on the Laws of Light page, to explore concave and convex lenses.

The Speed of Light

Uncover the mystery about the speed of light. Learn how long it takes light to travel from the Earth to the Moon or from the Sun to the edge of the Solar System.

Way to Go Einstein

This site from the American Museum of Natural History features information, games and activities focused on Einstein’s discoveries about light. Print out “Light Quest”, a light-related board game.

Your Eyes

Learn how amazing your eyes are and how we see. Discover the answers to questions such as “Why do our eyes water?” and “What’s Color Blindness?”