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Ponds & Meadows

Please see the information on ponds in volume 15 of the World Book Encyclopedia (REF J031 – found in the Wilton Library Children’s Reference section) and try searching our catalog with for the subject words ponds and juvenile (enter both words with a space between them).

Don’t forget to ask the librarian if there are books set aside on school reserve for this topic!

All About Turtles
Lots of turtle information from the Gulf of Maine Aquarium. 

The Butterfly WebSite
Lots of information about butterflies. See especially the Education section. 

From the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

Check out the life cycle information in “Weird Frog Facts.” 

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)
Basic information about insects and their relatives from the University of Kentucky.

Ponds & Lakes
Learn the difference between a lake and a pond, how ponds are born and die, and all about algae from the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

A Thousand Friends of Frogs
A Thousand Friends of Frogs connects K-12 students, educators, families, and scientists to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats. 

Wonderful World of Insects
Information on spiders, mites, anthropods, and other insects.