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Rocks & Minerals

The Dynamic Earth

From the Museum of Natural History, explore how the Earth was formed or investigate the world of gems and minerals.

Earth: Our World In Motion

This amazing site from the American Musuem of Natural History provides a fun, interactive way to learn about rocks, shifting plates, and growing rock candy.


Help Rex solve these mysteries about rocks, fossils and minerals, or just search through the fast facts.

How Rocks Are Formed?

Discover how rocks are formed and their types with Rocky the RockHound.

Rocks for Kids

Uncover everything you want to know about rocks and minerals on this site. Use the glossary, read about the uses for rocks and minerals, and find out how identifying minerals.

Rock Index

Pictures and information about ten types of rocks from marble to milk quartz

Types of Rocks

Learn about the three types of rocks on Earth and about meteorites in space.


What is an Earthquake?

This National Geographic Expedition explains how earthquakes are formed, where they occur, and how we predict them. At the end, you can trigger your own earthquake.

When the Ground Moves

Earthquake basics are explained.