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Sun, Moon, & Earth

Calculate your Weight on Other Worlds

Do you want to know how much you weigh on the moon? How about on Jupiter’s moons? You can find out. Weight on Other Worlds follows up the calculations with a detailed explanation about mass and gravity.

Earth, Sun and Moon

Choose a number of hours, days or months and watch the Earth and Moon rotate. Then take the quiz to test your knowledge.

The Moon

This web site is full of interesting facts about the Earth’s moon; including its phases, features and long history. Read about the first trip to the moon and learn about the information that was gathered. You can even view a photograph of a footprint!

Moon Phases

Discover information and vocabulary about the moon’s phases. Click on the animation link to watch the moon revolve around the sun.

Observing the Sky – Rotation, Revolution, and the Seasons

Learn about Earth’s rotation. The moving diagrams help to visualize how we travel around the sun.

Sun for Kids

Facts and information on the sun.

Understanding the Moon Phases

Uncover the mysteries of the moon and its phases. Make sure to check out the moon phase visual which helps children visualize the cycle of how the phases change.

United States Naval Observatory

Select popular links, such as “Sunrise or Sunset Data” or “The Sky This Week.” From the “Sunrise/Sunset Data” page, students can view the phase and image of the moon on any selected date.