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World Exploration

CyberSleuth Kids: Explorers on the Web

This directory and homework helper provides a wide variety of resources on World Explorers and Explorations.

KidInfo: Explorers

This comprehensive directory of exploration contains links to information on all aspects of world exploration. Check out the extensive list of individual explorers.

Mariner’s Museum: Age of Exploration

Click on the biographies link to find the biographies of over 50 explorers and/or people associated with exploring. A link from the biography leads to more detailed information about that explorer as well as maps or images of the explorer and their voyages.

NOVA: The Vikings

Discover what your name would look like in runes or watch short video clips on Viking villages.

Social Studies for Kids: Explorers

Select an explorer from the drop down menu to find additional internet resources on them.

Viking Quest

Browse through information on Viking culture. Make sure to play the game of ‘Viking Quest’, which turns you into a Viking and takes you back to AD 793.