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Search the Internet

Searching the Internet There are some terrific search engines made just for kids. Try those listed below — we think you’ll like them!

magnify1 Ask Jeeves for Kids (
Ask Jeeves for Kids lets you ask a question in plain English, then takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question. This kid-friendly site will even check the spelling in your questions to make sure you get the best answer.
magnify1 Awesome Library for Kids (
Enter search words or check out topics in the index.
magnify1 CyberSleuth Kids (
Thousands of subject-specific Internet sites in this directory of homework helper sites.
magnify1 Internet Detectives (
Reviews of sites by kids your age.
magnify1 KidInfo (
The KidInfo site recommends terrific sites and links to them. Special pages for school subjects and sites for young children.
magnify1 KidsClick! (
Lots of categories to explore — a great resource!
magnify1 OneKey (
More than 60,000 kid safe sites you can search.
magnify1 Yahoo! Kids (
Search by typing in your terms or browse the categories for the best in websites for kids from the folks at Yahoo!