Expansion Project – March/April 2005 — Wilton Library
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Expansion Project – March/April 2005

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The exterior of the building begins to take shape – with insulation and waterproofing at first.

We can almost imagine picking up our reserved books at the drive-up window. Actually, it seems far above the reach of anything short of a double decker bus at this point, but backfilling and paving will bring it to car window level.

Scaffolding is in place for the intallation of the exterior brick. In the space of a couple of weeks the Library will go from bright yellow to white to red brick. After another month, it will be painted white to match our existing building.

The very first “hard hat tour” – March 21, 2005. Staff and trustees get their first look at all three floors of the addition. Although the elevator and one set of stairs have yet to be installed, we were able to see window openings and wall studs, wiring and plumbing by climbing up and down the second set of stairs.

The view from the new Circulation Desk… lots of windows and skylights and a lovely gallery wall. The front doors won’t be in place for some time.

Rooms on the second floor begin to take shape as the metal studs are put in place. In addition to offices and a staff lunchroom, this floor will house two large public meeting rooms (one specifically designed for our scores of volunteers) and the newly expanded Wilton History Room.

Masons begin sheathing the exterior wall. [photo courtesy of Alex vonKleydorff]

The east wall of the addition is partially complete. Our new walls will remain red until the brick is painted white in the summer months.