Expansion Project – July/August 2005 — Wilton Library
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Expansion Project – July/August 2005

Expansion Project – July/August 2004

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The Shawn’s Lawns curbing crew works extra hours to make up for time lost to bad weather. Here they are seen a day or two before opening working on the western side of the building.

One of the final jobs outside prior to our opening on July 14th was the paving of the Drive-Thru Window approach. Customers can now use the window to pick up materials they have reserved by phone or online as well as return borrowed material. The first such window in Connecticut, we expect it to be a great convenience for those in a hurry, anyone in times of bad weather, and for those who would prefer, for whatever reason, not to park and come in.

The front walk is leveled before paving. Notice the stone wall along the approach on the left? For decades, children have walked along the wall in front of the Library almost as soon as they could walk at all. Thanks to the Wilton Rotary Club, the new wall will preserve that tradition!

Front steps are framed and readied for the cement pour.

Interiors Chair Elizabeth Harleman discusses carpeting with Building Committee Chair Malcolm Whyte and Turner Project Manager Rolff Knoble. Elizabeth and her committee worked with Interior Designer Tinatin Kilaberidze to select new furnishings and fixtures that would coordinate with and compliment our existing furnishings.

Brian McLaughlin headed up the Bibliotech move of our offices and children’s collection into the new building. The coordination with construction was an incredible feat at times due to a very tight schedule.

New spaces start to take shape – one of the most thrilling is the new Circulation Desk, built in a modular fashion for maximum flexibility to adapt to accomodate some degree of self-service in the future.

The water fountains have a distinctive up-to-date design – as do all of the fixtures chosen for this lovely modernist building.

The size of the new staff room is far more fitting for a staff of 35 people (about half are part timers). The view over the heart of Wilton Center is lovely, too.

Our new elevator sign proves that we actually DO have a second floor! The Wilton History Room, two large meeting rooms and most of our staff offices are housed on this level.

The drive-thru window is the first in Connecticut. Customers can return items or pick up those that are being held on reserve… and not have to leave the comfort of their cars. Our parking lots will accomodate twice as many cars as before, but this innovation should alleviate parking woes even more.

Our new lobby is spacious and bright – the perfect place for viewing art or holding a reception after hours! Hanging on the gallery wall now is a wonderful exhibit by a special group of Wilton artists.

Masons prepare the herringbone “welcome mat” leading to the front doors from the eastern parking lot.

Randy – our very own “Mike Mulligan” and more…

Our very special guardian looks over the areas still under construction from his new vantage point in the lobby. This work by premier sculptor of the American West, Alexander Phimister Proctor, has never before had so fitting a setting!

The northwestern corner of the building looks exceptionally handsome against a blue August sky.