Expansion Project – September/October 2005 — Wilton Library
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Expansion Project – September/October 2005

Expansion Project – July/August 2004

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Though we are missing glass to fill in the old front door and Teen Services materials are temporarily housed here, the Reference Area is beginning to take shape in what used to be the lobby. Notice how the magnificent fixtures highlight the original fir ceiling!

The Magazine Reading Area is already a popular place. Nestled between the two courtyards, filled with light and comfortable seating, it is sure to become the community’s living room, once the construction is complete. Computers currently housed here will soon be moved to their final “resting place” in the old Picture Book Room and furniture will be arranged around the new gas-burning fireplace (our original wood-burning fireplace is still in working order in the new Reference Area).

Work has begun on bringing better lighting and wiring to the old Community Room – it will eventually become the Computer Training Lab and bring additional computer capacity to the Reference Area. Once it is renovated and until the project is complete, however, it will house the Teen Services Collection.

Our old offices are renovated with new lighting and wiring for the reference staff.