Expansion Project – November/December 2004 — Wilton Library
137 Old Ridgefield Road Wilton, CT 06897 Tel: 203-762-3950

Expansion Project – November/December 2004

Expansion Project – July/August 2004

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Our Turner superintendent, George Preininger.

Workers install concrete reinforcing rebar.

The frame is built to hold the concrete walls.

The northwest corner of the building starts to take shape.

The southern wall is framed and ready for the final pour.

The foundation is close to complete, with pumps installed and waterproofing system in place.

In an amazing transformation during the first couple of weeks of December, the steel girders are put in place and the floors decked. (photo courtesy of Alex vonKleydorff)

At the same time, our current basement was gutted to make way for two new mechanicals rooms. Displaced staff were housed in tighter quarters on the main floor.(photo courtesy of Alex vonKleydorff)