Expansion Project – November/December 2005 — Wilton Library
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Expansion Project – November/December 2005

Expansion Project – July/August 2004

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Our beloved hippo and her elephant friend are moved to their new quarters.

Both animals seem content at the new entrance – and the movers are happy to have the job done!

The ceiling of our northeast addition (new home of much of the fiction and non-fiction collection) is prepped for painting.

The addition is spacious and full of light and encloses the old entrance courtyard. The east courtyard will be a haven in clement weather for those who wish to sit outside and present a beautiful view year round for those inside the building.

The ceiling of the Bubeck Room is shaped just like the copper roof outside and will provide outstanding accoustics for speakers and performers.

Our sweetgum tree has survived the construction and sits in the new courtyard outside the Brubeck Room (although an optical illusion caused by reflection makes it appear ghostly in this photo!). Sliding glass doors that run the length of the room will make this courtyard an integral part of the interior space. Still to come are granite benches around the base of the tree…

The basement of the two-story addition will serve as headquarters for our April book sale and artist Ed MacEwen has begun to paint the murals that will make it so much more inviting than a basement. Both Rotary and Kiwanis clubs have helped prepare the walls for Ed’s painting and by the time it’s done, over 200 community members will have contributed their labor to bring the largest mural to life (it runs the entire length of the building!).