Expansion Project – July/August 2004 — Wilton Library
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Expansion Project – July/August 2004

Expansion Project – July/August 2004

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Our groundbreaking on June 13, 2004 signalled the start of our construction period, and the site work on our western parking lot began soon thereafter.

Shawn’s Lawns trucks lined up on Godfrey Place to remove debris. The road will remain relatively undisturbed throughout construction because drainage will be contained on site – a real bonus for those who travel in Wilton Center!

The crew immediately got to work, clearing brush and demolishing our “book barn.” Although we had searched for someone to adopt this garage from the old Goslee house (now the expanded and refurbished home for A Better Chance of Wilton), the cost to move it was prohibitive.

Building Committee Chairman Malcolm Whyte and his Assistant Joan Waldie oversee the work by Turner Construction.

It only took one day for the lot to be cleared and ready for construction to begin. Turner Construction has notified subcontractors to keep on site only materials and equipment immediately necessary so that they minimize inconvenience to everyone in town during the project.

The galleries installed before paving will keep all surface water on site.

Conduit was laid for the parking lot lights. These lights will match those in the Executive Campus and Stop & Shop lots to give the Center a more unified appearance.

Just prior to paving, the curbs were poured and formed.

Finally, the paving was underway.

An amazing number of galleries were installed in the front parking lot — so many that folks thought this was the actual building underway!

During the process, an old drywell was discovered and added to the system.

Catch basins and drainage covers were deployed throughout the north parking lot.