Gifts of Securities — Wilton Library
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Gifts of Securities

When using your broker or bank, the transfer may be made electronically. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., acting as agent for the Wilton Library Asssociation, is set up to receive such transactions. You simply advise your agent to send the transfer information to:

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., for credit to Wilton Library Association, Inc.
DTC #0164
Account Number 9478-4211

Please advise the Library’s Development Director at 203-762-3950, Ext. 216, when these instructions have been given. We will need to know the name of the stock and the number of shares being transferred. We will then alert our agent that the transfer is forthcoming. This allows the agent to ensure that you receive proper credit for your gift.

You may mail or hand deliver unendorsed stocks or bonds to the Wilton Library Association. The securities should be accompanied by a letter of transmittal, including your name and address, and a signed stock or bond “power”. If you are mailing the securities, please include a blank, but signed, stock or bond “power” for each corporation or other organization whose securities you are donating. With the signed powers, please include a copy of the transmittal letter. If the certificate is in a corporate name, a Corporate Resolution is required, signed by a duly authorized corporate officer.

The date of a gift of securities for tax purposes is the date the securities (and signed stock powers, if applicable) are delivered to the Wilton Library Association, placed in the mail properly addressed to the Library, or released by an agent for the account of the Wilton Library Association. The value of exchange-listed securities on the date of the gift is the average price as quoted by the markets on that date.

The Wilton Library Association accepts the transfer of appreciated securities directly from you or your broker. With tax advantage to the donor, many individuals have provided gifts to the Library through a gift of appreciated securities.