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September 19, 2016: Laptops With Exceptional Battery Life

batterylife.pngIt doesn't seem that long ago that I was commuting to New York City with my IBM laptop and an extra battery.  The first battery would hold out for the trip down and the spare battery was good for the trip home.  Now, battery life and weight are especially important to me.  The devices reviewed in The Best Battery Life Laptops of 2016 by Matthew Murray in will give you from 9 hours and 36 minutes of computing time to an amazing 17 hours and 36 minutes.  The devices range from 1.99 lbs to 3.3 lbs and range in price from $179.99 to $1,979.00  There is something for everyone!  And, it only gets easier and easier to take your computing power on the road!

~mary anne,

September 6, 2016: Keeping Your Old Phone Alive and Working!

oldcellphones.jpgTomorrow is Apple Announcement Day and, based on what they have to say, there may be a good number of people who will soon buy new phones.  That begs the question of what to do with the old phone.  I like to recycle my old iPhones into iPods used for music and audiobooks.  And, there are many other people who prefer to keep their phones working as long as they possibly can.  If you are in this camp and are a DIY person, J.D. Biersdorfer of The New York Times lists a number of resources for replacement parts in his article Keeping Your Old Phone Alive and Working.  If, however, the thought of opening up your phone is as appealing as walking on hot coals, there are places listed that can repair your favorite phone for you.  The decision is yours!

~mary anne,

September 2, 2016: New Job Apps!

medium_helpwanted.jpegLet's face it, there are still many people out there who are looking for jobs.  Some people are looking because the economy is improving and some just want a change.  Kit Eaton's article Looking for a New Job--These Free Apps Can Help in The New York Times lists a number of helpful apps that are available for iOS and Android.  Check them out and good luck in finding the perfect job!

~mary anne,

September 1, 2016: Restoring That Accidentally Deleted Email

medium_trashcan.jpgIt happens to all of us at one time or another.  In your haste to get through the tons of email that land in your inbox each day, you accidentally trash that really important email that you really really need.  This article from J.D. Biersdorfer of The New York Times will tell you how to retrieve that email on an iPhone.  You can Google the question for other phone models.  Thanks, J.D.!

~mary anne,

August 31, 2016: Great Features in Wilton Library's Catalog

medium_somanybooks_0.jpgAre you looking for something new to read or want to find out information about the latest hot read?  Use Wilton Library's catalog to find reader reviews and ratings from Goodreads; "You Might Also Like" suggestions" for books, authors, and series; Recommended Lists and Articles from Novelist; Author Notes; Other Books in the Series (if the book is part of a series); Fiction/Biography Profiles; Trade Reviews; and a Summary of the book. All of this is at your fingertips in one convenient place!  When you find the item you want, you can place a hold on it.  If the item is on the shelf, we will have it for you quickly; if all copies of the item are checked out, we will let you know when it comes back to the library and is ready for pickup.  

~mary anne,

August 30, 2016: Apple: See You On The 7th!

applelogo.pngApple sent out media invitations today announcing their September 7, 2016, 1 pm EDT, event saying simply "See you on the 7th."  It is rumored that the event will announce the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without a physical headphone jack, and with an improved camera and better water resistance.  Other announcements are expected.  The event will be live streamed here.  Can't wait to see what's in store!  

~mary anne,

August 29, 2016: Phone Numbers and More from ReferenceUSA

referenceUSA.pngReferenceUSA is a terrific tool for looking up residential phone numbers and addresses.  It is also a great tool if you are thinking of moving to a new area--you can see estimated household income for an area, estimated home value, and percentage of owner occupied housing.  There is a location map and a reverse look up feature--handy when you have a phone number and need an address.  This resource is available to Wilton residents with a valid Wilton Library Card.  Don't have a card?  Register online.  On our home page, click on Research on the white navigation bar.  Click on Databases and Web Links.  Scroll down and click on Phone Numbers and then on Residential Phone Directory.  Questions?  Let me know.  

~mary anne,


August 26, 2016: John Ellenby, Technology Visionary, Dies at 75

medium_gridcompasslaptop.jpgThe wonderful world of technology that we live in today is due in no small part to the visionary efforts of many people who took technology many steps forward.  Our most portable devices are a result of the work of those like John Ellenby who helped to create the portable laptop.  While those devices were more "luggable" than "portable," they allowed us to take information and access with us wherever we went.  His obituary in The New York Times states that the company he founded, Grid Systems, created the Grid Compass, the "first successful clamshell computer," according to computer historian Marc Weber.  It became "a valuable tool for big corporations, government spies, White House and Pentagon officials, and even astronauts."  It also survived the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger which killed seven people.  Mr. Ellenby led a very interesting life and we owe him a debt of gratitude for today's technology. 

~mary anne,

August 25, 2016: Apple Security Update

medium_applelogo.pngApple released a security update on Thursday, August 25 to plug three holes in its mobile operating system that were being used by a company selling software that invisibly tracks a target's mobile phone.  The software was used to spy on dissidents and journalists.  This was reported by The New York Times in an article entitled "IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found" by Nicole Perlroth.

"We advise all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits," said Fred Sainz, an Apple spokesman.  The update (iOS 9.3.5) may be obtained in Settings/General/Software Update . 

~mary anne




August 24, 2016: Are You Using Waze?

medium_waze.jpgAre you using Waze to shorten your travel time, avoid traffic jams, and lower your general driving angst level?  If not, it's time to sign up!  Waze gives real time traffic conditions with a community of users who report traffic jams, road hazards, and accidents.  Waze is smart enough to help you avoid all these slow downs and get you to your destination with a minimum of trouble.  It is a free app for iOS and Android users.  

"After typing in their destination address, users just drive with the app open on their phone to passively contribute traffic and other road data, but they can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way, helping to give other users in the area a 'heads-up' about what's to come.  In addition to the local communities of drivers using the app, Waze is also home to an active community of online map editors who ensure that the data in their areas is as up-to-date as possible."

This is the app for you if you are planning a road trip for the Labor Day weekend!  Happy Driving!

 ~mary anne






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