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February 24, 2015: Five Reasons to be on LinkedIn

On Thursday, February 26, I will be giving two sessions at Wilton Library on LinkedIn, the working person's social networking tool.  LinkedIn is great for keeping track of and in touch with your business contacts and it is also a great source for business news and advice.  If you are not sure whether you should sign up for LinkedIn, read this article "Five Reasons You Need To Be On LinkedIn Even When You Have a Job" by Joshua Waldman.  Hope to see you on Thursday!

~mary anne


February 23, 2015: Oldies but Goodies

Just because something has been in use for a long time doesn't mean it's not new for you!  This article "9 Been-Around-the-Block Office Tips" by Susan Harkins of TechRepublic may just have those nuggets that you are ready for. 

~mary anne

February 22, 2015: CNET's Top 100

Sometimes, it seems that the world revolves around our cell phones and many of the CNET Hundred products have something to do with cell phones--headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and more.  But, there are other things too, thermostats, vacuums, fitness devices, routers, and cameras to name a few.  See what's hot and discover what you can't live without!

~mary anne

February 21, 2015: Apple Tutorials

If you need help with your Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and more, check out Apple's Support site.  You will find lots of information that will help to make you more comfortable with your devices.  Another great resource is the How-Tos section of MacWorld where you will find lots of tips and tricks.  Happy learning!

~mary anne

February 20, 2015: The 40 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps

If you have an Amazon Fire or a slightly older Kindle Fire, you will want to check out this article, "The 40 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps" by Jill Duffy of PC Magazine.  Devices are nothing without apps and it is always nice to receive lists of resources checked out by the experts. You will find apps for alarm clocks, photo editors, sketchbooks, fitness, comics, Evernote, and more.  Check it out!

~mary anne

February 19, 2015: Learn to Type

Although more and more of our day-to-day work is now done on computers, it seems that fewer and few people know how to touch type.  I was lucky to learn it many years ago and it continues to be an invaluable skill, allowing me to search faster, enter information quickly and accurately and with very little stress.  It's never too late to learn so here is a link to a free typing tutorial that I like.  Let me know if you have any other favorite typing tutorials and I will be happy to share them.

~mary anne

February 18, 2015: Microsoft's Online Office Training and Tutorials

We can never know enough about computers, software, apps, and the like.  One of the world's best kept secrets is that you can access free tutorials directly from the Microsoft Office website. You can learn about Office 365, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office for Mac 2011, Office for Android Tablets, Office for iPads, and Office for iPhones.  There are PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and videos. There's always something new we can learn and you can tackle these tutorials on Wilton Library's public Internet computers or from the privacy of your own home.  Happy learning!

~mary anne

February 17, 2015: OverDrive Magazines

OverDrive now has magazines available for checkout to Wilton residents with current Wilton library cards!  We currently have access to 55 magazines, including The New Yorker, Organic Gardening, Reader's Digest, Seventeen, Backpacker, The New York Review of Books, HGTV, The Atlantic, and more.  Click here for instructions on how to get started.  There's something for everyone to enjoy during these cold winter days.

~mary anne

February 16, 2015: Presidents Day

georgewashington.jpgToday is Presidents Day and many Americans are enjoying a holiday.  If you are huddled at home on this wickedly cold day (it's a balmy 9 degrees right now), check out the history of Presidents Day from  If you are interested in learning more about each of our 44 Presidents, check out this link from  

~mary anne

February 15, 2015: Driverless Cars Could Cut U.S. Car Ownership

driverlesscar.jpgThe whole idea of driverless cars has more questions than answers.  This article "Self-Driving Vehicles Could Cut U.S. Car Ownership By Half" by Megan Gannon for Mashable brings up some interesting possibilities.  Driverless cars could act as a family's private taxi service--it can drop one person off and then head toward another family member for another trip.  We could save tons on car insurance but what are the downsides?  Check it out!

~mary anne


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