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January 25, 2015: Apps for the Spontaneous Traveler

This article, Five Apps for the Spontaneous Traveler, from, discusses Peek, Adioso, Roadtrippers, Y Plan, and ZipCar.  These apps suggest activities in your vicinity, flights, best prices, new destinations, best events and sales, car rentals, and more.  Spend a winter day planning your next trip!

~mary anne

January 24, 2015: Get the Most from Google Android

androidlogo.pngThis article and video, Conjuring the Most from Google Android by Molly Wood of The New York Times details a number of tricks for Android users.  They will work on Android's current version, Lollipop, and may also work on the previous version.  My personal favorite is the guest mode built into Lollipop.  It allows you to let someone else use you phone while giving them only limited access.  Other tricks include a TV remote control, built-in fitness tracker, Google Chrome To Phone, and Google Camera.  Thanks, Molly, for this great information!

~mary anne

January 23, 2015: Windows 10

windows10.jpegWindows 10 is slated to be released later in 2015 and earlier this week Microsoft held its unveiling event.  There is some very interesting stuff here and I'm looking forward to upgrading.  This article, Here's Everything That Went Down At Microsoft's Windows 10 Event by TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington tells you what you need to know.  Thanks, Darrell!

~mary anne

January 22, 2015: Microsoft HoloLens Unveiled

HoloLens.jpgThere was a big surprise at MicroSoft's Windows 10 event on Wednesday.  HoloLens, their "augmented-reality headset and platform" was unveiled.  The timing is interesting since Google recently halted sales of its Google Glass.  This article, Microsoft HoloLens Won't Be The Next Google Glass, And That's A Good Thing, by Mashable's Christina Warren describes what HoloLens is and isn't and is a good introduction to this new technology.  Thanks, Christina!

~mary anne


January 21, 2015: Apps for Musicians

Our smartphones make us more and more portable--we can carry our entire music collection with us and, if that is not enough, we can listen to Pandora, Spotify, and more.  My husband uses his iPad to carry his scanned sheet music with him--he is always ready to play piano if the opportunity arises.  This article by Kit Eaton of The New York Times For Musicians, Apps for Tuning, Keeping Time and Organizing Charts recommends apps for tuning guitars, metronome apps, and sheet music apps.  It's great to have a life filled with music!

~mary anne

January 20, 2015: Windows 8.1 What You Need To Know

There's still time to sign up for  Thursday's "I Have a New PC!" technology class at Wilton Library!  If you received a new Windows 8.1 PC over the holidays and are new to Windows 8.1, this article from Scott Stein of CNET is a must read.  Windows 8.1: What you need to know (FAQ) is chock full of information, including links to the CNET review and screenshots of what's new.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

~mary anne


January 19, 2015: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today is a day for reflection and remembrance.  Here are some links to information about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

~mary anne

January 18, 2015: Is Technology Making Your Life More Stressful?

Is technology making your life more stressful?  Different perhaps but not necessarily more stressful according to this article Technology Has Made Life Different, but Not Necessarily More Stressful by Claire Cain Miller.  The article states that "a new study by researchers at Pew Research Center and Rutgers University found the opposite:  Frequent Internet and social media users do not have higher stress levels than those who use technology less often.  And, for women, using certain digital tools decreases stress."  This is good news for many of us!  Thanks, Claire!

~mary anne  

January 17, 2015: Tracking Data Usage

Oh, for the days of unlimited data plans!  I do love my new iPhone 6 Plus but although my new (and no longer unlimited) data plan appears to allow me more than enough data each month, I do worry about going over my allotment.  This article from The New York Times on Tracking Data Use to Avoid Hefty Phone Fees by Kit Eaton recommends some apps that can help you more easily monitor your monthly usage.  Thanks, Kit!

~mary anne

January 16, 2015: Saving Facebook Content for Later

I usually blitz through my Facebook feed quickly and want to save recipes or articles for later but didn't know how to do this.  This Mashable article on How To Save Facebook Content for Later by Amy-Mae Elliott solved my problem!  Now I can easily retrive articles, etc. and I can do it on my phone or computer.  Thanks, Amy!

~mary anne


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