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137 Old Ridgefield Road Wilton, CT 06897 Tel: 203-762-3950

Senior Center Book Discussions

All adult Wilton residents are welcome to join this free book discussion group which meets at the Comstock Community Center from September through May. The book discussions are from 11 am to noon followed by an optional lunch for $3.  Extra copies of each title will be available at the Wilton Library in the month the book is to be discussed. Please call the Senior Center at 203-834-6240 to reserve a place for lunch.

Upcoming meetings:

April 25, 2017: Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell's first novel Mary Barton tells a story of the plight of the lower classes in Victorian-Era England. Set in Manchester in the mid-1800s, the plot revolves around a young woman, her two potential love-interests (one each from the lower- and upper-classes), and her immediate family, most especially her father, and her estranged aunt; it's a story of class conflict, romance, murder, and redemption. The meticulously researched novel truly puts the reader amidst the daily sights and sounds of a Victorian-Era industrial city. The Manchester Guardian reviewed the book in 1849 writing: "As a whole, the tale is beautifully written; the characters introduced are graphically delineated; the events are so interestingly interwoven, and the groundwork is so artistically constructed, that whoever reads the two first chapters is sure to read the whole story."

Discussion Leader - Miwako Ogasawara

Call the Senior Center for details and to register at (203) 834-6240. Comstock Community Center, 180 School Road, Wilton.

May 23, 2017: The Yankee Division in the First World War: In the Highest Tradition by Michael Shay

The Yankee Division was a core component of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) sent to France to fight in World War One. Composed of units from all of the New England states, its nickname was selected to highlight this geographic connection. Thought by many to have been unfairly criticized in the various histories of the war, the Division's reputation got a significant upgrade due to the research of Wiltonian Michael Shay who has written a number of books related to World War One. Beyond standard military records from the National Archives, Shay's sources also included numerous personal records such as letters and diaries of the Division's soldiers.  Military historian and World War One expert Dr. Mark Grotelueschen said: "Michael Shay has mined an impressive collection of personal accounts to tell the story of the AEF's most controversial division."

Discussion Leader - Michael Bellacosa

Call the Senior Center for details and to register at (203) 834-6240. Comstock Community Center, 180 School Road, Wilton.

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