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Signing Savvy

Signing Savvy is your complete sign language resource.  It features learning tools for sign language including a video dictionary of American Sign Language signs, information about the Deaf community, and study resources.

Assistive Visual Devices 

The library has three devices to help people read more easily:

  1. An Optelec video magnifier for use in the library.  This device is ideal for magnifying the text of a book or magazine and may be checked out for two hours.
  2. A Desktop Magnifier. For those who do not want to hold a device, our desktop magnifier is perfect for magnifying text of any kind. For use in the Library.
  3. A portable Optelec video magnifier for use at the grocery store, pharmacy or anywhere else one might need adjustable magnification.  The portable electronic device is purposely designed to be lightweight and taken on-the-go.  Patrons can check out the portable magnifying device to take home for a week.
  4. An iPad Pro, which gives readers access to the New York Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Businessweek in large print font.  Read the current issues while relaxing by our fireplace.  This iPad checks out for two hours and may be used within the library.

You may call or visit the library's Reference Desk (203-762-6350) for more information and to check out the device.  These devices are made possible by the Jane T. Muhlethaler Foundation.

Scooter Available

If you need a motorized scooter to help you navigate, we have one available.  Ask for it at the Circulation Desk.

Wheelchair Available

If you need wheelchair assistance, we have one available.  Ask for it at the Circulation Desk.