Item due dates apply to material returned in the library, at the drive up window, or deposited in the book drops in the parking lot.

Most items may be renewed TWICE for a period equal to the original loan period. The following items may NOT be renewed:

  • items on hold for other patrons
  • items borrowed from other libraries (except with special permission)
  • Kindles and iPod Touch kits
  • Museum Passes
  • Optelec Portable Magnifier kit
  • Quick Pick Books
  • Telescope Kit

Items (other than those listed above) may be renewed by phone at 762-6334 or online. Accounts with more than $10 in outstanding fees will be prohibited from borrowing library materials until the balance is brought below that amount.

Adult Services

Item Loan Period Late Fee
Books 3 weeks 25¢/day
Quick Pick Books 1 week $1.00/day
Audiobooks 3 weeks 25¢/day
Compact Discs (music) 3 weeks 25¢/day
Magazines 1 week 25¢/day
Museum Passes 3 days $5.00/day
DVDs & Blu-ray 1 week $2.00/day
iPod Touch kit 3 weeks $5.00/day
Jigsaw Puzzles 3 weeks $0.25/day
Kindle Kit 3 weeks $5.00/day
Kill a Watt 3 weeks 25¢/day
Optelec Portable Magnifier Kit 1 week $5.00/day

Children's and Teen Services

Item Loan Period Late Fee
Books 3 weeks 25¢/day
Audiobooks 3 weeks 25¢/day
Magazines 1 week 25¢/day
Kits 3 weeks 25¢/day
DVDs & Blu-ray 1 week $2.00/day
Games 1 week $2.00/day
World language USB software 3 weeks $5.00/day

In the event that inclement weather necessitates library closings, delayed openings, or early closings, we strive to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.

Please confirm whether we are open before heading out to the library before, during, or after a storm as conditions can rapidly change. If the library closes for a full or partial day, no fines will be charged.

Why is it called the Wilton Library Association? Why not Wilton Public Library?

The Wilton Library Association was founded in 1895 as a private subscription library before the widespread creation of public libraries in the United States. While we serve as the public library for the town of Wilton and have not charged subscriber fees in many decades, the Association remains a private, non-profit institution which relies on donations to maintain its collection and services.

Who can use the Wilton Library?

Anyone is welcome to use any resource in the Library including Internet workstations, the reference collection, and the services of the reference librarians.
FREE borrowing privileges are available to:

  • All Wilton residents
  • out of state residents employed by Wilton businesses
  • persons employed on a live-in basis in Wilton
  • all Connecticut residents upon presentation of a valid card from their home town library

Are there any book discussion groups at the Wilton Library?

The Wilton Library sponsors a monthly lunchtime group, Wilton Library Readers, with professional leader Susan Boyar. They meet the second Wednesday of every month from September through June. A list of titles and a full schedule can be found on the group’s page. All are welcome; meetings are informal; bring your lunch. In addition, the Library hosts special programs. Please watch the newspapers, the digital signage in the Library, and our website for announcements. All Library programs are also posted on our Events page.

How is the Wilton Library funded?

Donations fund 100% of the collection (including books, online databases, magazines and newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks). These are raised in our annual Friends appeal. An annual grant from the Town of Wilton covers about three-quarters of our operating expenses.

When is the Wilton Library Book Sale?

The Wilton Library holds a major book sale annually. The browsers and collectors book sale is usually held in April. The library often has additional specialized book sales during the year. These book sales will be listed on our Events page. There is an ongoing book sale shelf in the library gallery.

Who is in charge of the art exhibits?

Artist Ed MacEwen is in charge of our monthly art exhibits. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact him at 203-227-8502. If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces on exhibit, stop by the circulation desk on your next visit.

To ensure its patrons may enjoy the Library facilities, materials and services in a quiet, comfortable, safe and secure environment, Wilton Library has adopted, and requires all Library patrons to comply with, this Code of Conduct.

Patrons who do not comply with this Code of Conduct may be asked by the library manager on duty to leave the Library premises. Refusing to do so may be the subject of a police complaint and result in a charge of trespassing. Serious or repeated violations may result in suspension or termination of Library privileges or prohibition of access to Library premises, in all cases as determined by the Library Executive Director or other member of library management. Behavior that is illegal or that threatens the health or safety of other patrons, staff or volunteers will be reported to the police.

General Prohibitions:

  • For the benefit of all users, quiet must be maintained in the designated Library study and reading areas.
  • Loud talking and unruly behaviors are not allowed in any area of the Library. Use of any electronic device that interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the Library by its patrons is not allowed.
  • Any activity that violates federal, state, local or other applicable law or Library policies is prohibited.
  • Persons who are ill or exhibit symptoms of illness may be required by Library staff to relocate or leave the premises.
  • Interference with or harassment or intimidation of Library staff, volunteers or other patrons is prohibited.
  • Smoking, vaping, the use of or transactions in narcotics (including cannabis) or other controlled substances, or the unapproved use of alcohol, are not allowed in the Library.
  • The possession of weapons is prohibited (except for law enforcement officers).
  • Animals, other than those trained to assist disabled users, are not permitted in public areas of the Library without the express consent of the Library Executive Director.
  • Misuse of or damage to Library property, material or equipment is not allowed.
  • Patrons without appropriate clothing including a shirt and shoes, or whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other customers or Library staff, may be asked by Library staff to leave the premises.
  • All Library material or equipment being removed from the premises must be properly checked out. Library staff may inspect briefcases, handbags and other packages to assure compliance with check-out procedures.
  • Personal property must not be left unattended in the Library.
  • No solicitation on Library premises is permissible without the express prior consent of the Library Executive Director.

Unattended Children

The Library welcomes children and families to use the Library facilities and services and encourages the independence of its child patrons. Parents and guardians assume all responsibility for the conduct, well-being and safety of their children in the Library regardless of their physical presence in the Library.

Library staff are not responsible for the supervision, safety or well-being of unaccompanied child patrons. Additionally, the following policies apply:

  • Children under the age of eleven (11) must be accompanied by an adult who remains on Library premises.
  • Children under the age of eight (8) must have an adult with them at all times.
  • The staff cannot monitor children leaving the Children’s Library or Library premises, nor is it the staff’s responsibility to know with whom a child is leaving.

Parents and guardians are expected to be aware of the Library’s opening and closing times and that the operating hours might change unexpectedly.

Photography and Recording

  • Photographing, filming, audio or video recording or any other forms of recording on Library premises without the consent of the library manager on duty is prohibited. Any consent granted may be revoked at any time upon failure to comply with this Code of Conduct.
  • No photos, videos or other recordings of any person (showing their face) on Library premises may be taken without that person’s prior consent.
  • All photos, videos or other recordings shall be solely for personal and not for commercial use.
  • The Library may utilize photos and videos from Library public programs and events on its website, social media channels, and in Library publications.
  • Representatives of the press or other media may not create visual or audio records of events or programs conducted or sponsored by the Library or on Library premises without prior permission from the Library Executive Director or their designee.

Revised and approved by the Wilton Library Board of Trustees, September 13, 2023

The Internet

The Internet is an essential tool to provide access to resources. Wilton Library, as part of its mission, provides Internet access for patrons in several areas of the building via dedicated Internet stations and its Wireless network. The Library does not deny or limit the use of its facilities including Internet access.

Equitable Use

In order to provide equitable access to all users of the Library’s dedicated computers, patrons shall comply with the Library’s time management system.

Internet Access in Adult Services

The dedicated Internet stations in Adult Services provide unfiltered access to the Internet for all Library patrons. Internet stations are available in the adult reference area.

Internet Access in Teen Services

The dedicated Internet stations in Teen Services provide unfiltered access to the Internet.

Internet Access in the Children’s Library

The dedicated Internet stations in the Children’s Library provide filtered access to the Internet. The Library makes no express or implied representation, warranty or guarantee that any filtering system would actually prevent access to any objectionable material. In accordance with state law, children under the age of 12 years must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Wireless Access

Wilton Library’s wireless access provides unfiltered and unmanaged Internet access throughout the Library building as well as the immediate area outside the building. The Wireless network can be accessed by patron devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, phones, etc.).

Internet Security

Patrons are advised to be cautious about transmitting personal or confidential information (e.g., passwords or credit card information). Wilton Library is not responsible for any information input on the Library’s computers or via the Wireless network.

Unacceptable or Inappropriate Use

The Library’s Internet stations must be used in accordance with Connecticut and Federal Laws and Wilton Library’s Code of Conduct. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing (1) patrons may not disrupt, alter or damage hardware, software, or data on Wilton Library computers or network, (2) behavior that is illegal or that threatens the health or safety of other patrons, staff, or volunteers will be reported to the police, and (3) patrons should not behave in such a way as to disrupt or offend other users. Patrons who do not abide by applicable law or policy may be advised to stop their offending or disruptive behavior and/or asked to leave the library.

Revised and Approved by the Board of Trustees, December 18, 2019

Wilton Library is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all library patrons, other users and donors (collectively, “users”). This commitment is in accord with the trust users place in the Library and its staff, with applicable law, and with the professional ethics of librarianship.

Connecticut General Statutes Section 11-25(b) provides in relevant part that:

  • Records maintained by libraries that can be used to identify any library user, or link any user to a library transaction, regardless of format, shall be kept confidential, except that the records may be disclosed to officers, employees, and agents of the library, as necessary for the operation of the library.
  • Information contained in such records shall not be released to any third party, except (A) pursuant to a court order, or (B) with the written permission of the library user whose personal information is contained in the records.
  • No provision of this subsection shall be construed to prevent a library from publishing or making available to the public statistical reports regarding library registration and use of library materials if such reports do not contain personally identifying information.

The American Library Association Code of Ethics states:

We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

Information Collected

In furtherance of its commitment to privacy and confidentiality, the Library endeavors to collect, use and retain information and records only and for so long as needed for the proper operation of the Library. Personally identifiable information is also collected regarding Library donations and used in connection with the Library’s fundraising activities. The Library does not sell, license or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information on its users to a third party except on a confidential basis to a third party working under contract with the Library or as required by law.

The Library collects information about users directly from users and from automatically collected network logs and cookies. Some information may be retained in backup storage systems, hard copy form or as required by law.

Information collected about a user may be compiled and aggregated with information collected about other users such that the information cannot be used to reasonably identify any individual user. This aggregated information helps the Library evaluate and improve its services and programming, and provide data requested by governmental or library association entities.

Third Party Service Providers

The Library uses third party service providers and technologies that permit users to access content and databases. The Library provides limited information that authenticates a user as a Library Patron entitled to use the service.

The Library seeks to ensure that its agreements with third party service providers address the Library’s policies concerning privacy and confidentiality. However, users who access third party sites are subjecting themselves to the privacy policy and practices of such sites, and the Library is not responsible for how the third parties collect or use a user’s information. The Library encourages users to review the privacy policies of all third-party providers.

Protection of Information

The Library has physical, administrative and technical measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to the information collected. Although these measures are reasonably designed to be effective, no assurance can be given that these measures will be adequate to maintain the privacy of such information or that such measures will function as intended.

Requests for Personal Information

The Library’s Executive Director, or any person duly appointed in writing by the Executive Director or the Board of Trustees, shall be responsible for handling all law enforcement or similar requests for confidential information. Library staff will immediately refer all such requests to the Executive Director or such designee, and will not release any confidential information until authorized in writing by the Executive Director or such designee. Upon receipt of any such request for confidential information, the Executive Director, or such designee, shall consult with legal counsel as appropriate to formulate an appropriate response.


The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Adopted by the Wilton Library Board of Trustees on April 20, 2022.