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Values of the Herbarium


Authenticated herbarium material provides the information for the legal protection of rare, endangered, or unusual species throughout the state.


Species identification is particularly useful in determining wetlands and their boundaries.

The herbarium is available and accessible to local advisors and land use planners.


The herbarium is available to the public.

It is helpful to landowners who wish to verify the identity of plants growing on their property.


Students, teachers, and researchers can study confusing species within the same genus, placing them side by side for comparative analysis. Flowers or fruits can be closely studied at any time of the year. Details can be studied with a hand lens.


A herbarium has significant historic value because it records the natural flora of a particular site at a specific time, truly preserving yesterday for today and today for tomorrow.


Identifying micro climates and helping in studying how global warming may be changing habitats.

Preserving Today for Tomorrow

The Wilton Garden Club and the Herbarium is committed to protecting endangered species and preserving the environment. We do not collect legally protected species and ensure the preservation of species by leaving the roots, only collecting when the species is in abundance, donated by property owners or rescued from loss of habitat.

No one should collect legally protected plants.
They should be allowed to grow where they are for botanical study and enjoyment of all!